• dress well without showing off

    Our old friends and UW stockist have just opened a shop in Soho, two minutes away from our Berwick Street store…op7 Continue reading

  • universal works workshop denim giveaway

    To celebrate our new additions to the Universal Works Workshop Denim range are giving you the chance to win some free denim.comp4 Continue reading

  • worth going up a belt notch for

    We’ve discovered a local bakery that’s so good it’s made a few in the office break their no bread diet. real food 3

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  • working with: waste studio

    In our recent photoshoot, “In Waste’s Space” we kitted out longstanding friend and graphic design collaborator Norm from Waste and shot him in his natural environment. During the shoot we asked him a few questions…SS15_Midseason-15

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  • UW Outfits 12: warmer climates

    This recent UW outfit comes from Sam at our HQsam Continue reading

  • nottingham spaces

    Nottingham has some amazing architecture old and new, Nottingham University Jubilee Campus is the latter.

    L1000885 copy

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  • in waste’s space

    A great part of the day-to-day working for UW is the people, places and spaces you get to visit…norm3 Continue reading

  • simple and coherent

    The Independent Map Company has recently caught the eye of the team at UW…1

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  • celebrate the art of music

    Once a year Berwick Street, in the heart of Soho is even busier than normalrsd

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  • watch a film and do a good deed

    We love film. It could just be our favourite of all the arts….lexi 2

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  • making things in the right places.

    Universal Works makes clothes. They don’t grow on trees or magically appear in plastic bags, we make them. We believe in producing garments in the right places with people we trust, admire, and are proud to be associated with.workin with 4 Continue reading

  • UW Outfits 11: soothing accent

    Josh from our Berwick Street store chose this recent UW outfit.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading

  • micro movies

    Situated just a few blocks from Universal Works HQ and opposite the entrance of the idyllic Nottingham Castle, The Castle Pub houses a hidden gem upstairs in the form of the Castle Micro Movie House.CM4

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  • how do they fit?

    What Works. A new section of our journal dedicated to answering questions about Universal Works design details, garment fits, and production methods.


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  • UW Outfits 10: head of the tiger

    This recent staff pick was chose by Silvia from our London Stores…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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  • better letters

    Last weekend Jamie and I headed over to Waste Studios for a course in signwriting by the legend that is Mike Meyer and Better Letters. The course spanned two days and covered the basics, Gothic, Casual, and Script.


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  • Hold on to you hats for SS15

    We’ve got plenty of variety when it comes to Bucket hats this season…

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  • universal works x norman walsh: city runner project

    You must have seen it by now… We’ve teamed up with  Norman Walsh footwear to rework their archive Ensign sneaker…NW5 Continue reading

  • uw berwick city runner launch

    Last Thursday UWHQ headed to London to launch our Universal Works X Norman Walsh City Runner sneakers…cspb8 Continue reading

  • historically designed

    UWHQ visiting Henley-On-Thames last weekend, the town responsible for the naming of our staple Henley t-shirtH1

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  • UW Outfits 9: fastidious research?

    Robin from head office chose last weeks UW Outfit…UWO1 Continue reading

  • Store feature: Clark Street Mercantile

    This week we caught up with the Scott from Clark Street Mercantile, to find out more about their Montreal store…CSM1

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  • seen the light

    You may have noticed that our Workshop Denim line has grown a little since it launched last year…WD5 Continue reading

  • Store feature: Welcome Stranger

    This week we took some time out of our SS15 picking and packing schedule to sit down (in the cyber realms known as the internet) with the guys over at Welcome Stranger San Francisco…Welcome Stranger

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  • Workshop Denim takeover

    At the end of January, David Keyte from UWHQ headed over to Maiden Store in Tokyo for a Universal Works Workshop Denim takeover…pu4

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  • understated friend’s jacket

  • UW Outfits 08: comfort and utility

    Tom the manager of our Berwick Street Store chose this weeks staff pick…SP1 Continue reading

  • a cohesive team

    To start off the year we needed some help with the hair styling for our first presentation at London Collections: MensMW8

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  • Drinkwaters and Metropolitan Society editorial

    Our Friends over at Drinkwaters in the US have featured UW in a recent editorial with the Metropolitan Society.ms5 Continue reading

  • Store feature: Kapok

    This week we caught up with our friend Wilson Leung and Apple Zilla of Kapok to talk about photography, sweatshirts, and the best place to eat in Hong Kong. Read the story below…K6 Continue reading

  • everything you hope it would be

    Late 2014 saw the opening of Rough Trade on Broad street in Nottingham…RT1

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  • expand and refine

    Last weekend saw us present for the first time at London Collections: Mens

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  • history, innovation and socks

    The history of innovation, manufacture and industry is something that we find fascinating. Another thing we find fascinating are socks! Turns out the sock trade has been in our home city of Nottingham for almost as long as socks have…ace title Continue reading

  • evolution and review

    With 2014 drawing to a close, a time for reflection whilst also looking towards the exciting times to come in the new year…RU9

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  • UW Outfits 07: football, Bruce Springsteen and cups of tea

    This week’s UW outfit come from Allan who heads up our web-store…SP1

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  • birds, the byrds, and b’burn’s b-boys

    Oi Polloi’s eighth instalment of our favourite zine, PICA-POST is here! Birds, the Byrds, and B’burn’s B-Boys…PP1 Continue reading

  • Speaking of teamwork

    We at Universal Works like to work on projects with the like-minded, especially if they are local and make beautiful things. This week saw UWHQ visiting one such neighbour and Sam had an interesting perspective on the visit…JS9 Continue reading

  • Our Favourite Places

    At UWHQ we often spend weekends visiting our neighbouring counties Yorkshire and Derbyshire…OFP Continue reading

  • empty pockets

    At Universal Works we love good food, and we love the festive season…BM1 Continue reading

  • Store feature: Peggs and Son – Brighton

    This week we caught up with old friend and longstanding UW stockist (one of the original nine) Ian Peggs of Peggs & Son.peggs2 Continue reading

  • in good company

    This week we received Issue 7 of the Northern Aficionado zine…NA1 Continue reading

  • bring mince pies

    We do love details here at Universal Works:wd3 Continue reading

  • Store feature: Pavilion – Cardiff

    This week we caught up with Josh from Pavilion in Cardiff to see what they’d been getting up to of late, his thoughts on UW and how they got to where they are today…

    PAV3 Continue reading

  • UW Outfits 06: a little different

    Josh from our Berwick Street store chose this weeks staff pick.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading

  • next time you’re falling out of fabric nightclub

    Its funny how a street name can lead you from the past right up to the present day.CS 1 Continue reading

  • Weavers Wardrobe

    Our Liverpudlian friends over at Weavers Door have featured UW in their latest Weavers Wardrobe seriesWW1 Continue reading

  • brushing up on my retail skills

    Winchester is a town full of history, it’s even the place where you can find King Arthur’s Round Table…TH1

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  • Store Feature: Addicted – Seoul

    Since we started in 2008 we have steadily grown a healthy following and we are now stocked around the globe in some of the best stores in the world…jr ready 1

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  • don’t be fooled by the name

    This season’s new kid on the block is the Short Parka in Tef Nylon. sp tom Continue reading

  • the jacket

    Here at UWHQ we love an occasional blast from the past and this jacket is just that!tj2 Continue reading

  • UW Outfits 05: reuniting with your favourite cardigan

    This weeks Staff pick comes at a time when the weather is turning and a definite feel that winter is afoot.SP 1 Continue reading

  • remember remember the fifth of November

    This week we headed down to the local bonfire and firework display to “remember remember the fifth of November, gunpow….can’t remember the rest”BN 1 Continue reading

  • UW Outfits 04: solid all rounder

    The office is very busy at the moment (we can’t believe it’s November already!) but it’s always good to find time to do things we like. As we’ve said before there is something that pleases the obsessive compulsive side of of the brain when putting an #outfitgrid together, but with the hectic schedule we don’t get the chance to ‘itch the scratch’ as much as we would sometimes like. Never the less, we shall push forward against the current of our busy workload and try to get multiple picks done and up because we think they look nice and we like doing them.Outfit gride Square

    Continue reading

  • a diehard cult following

    Proper 16 is out and In circulation and we thought that this issue is so good, it’d only be fair to let you know about it.proper1 Continue reading

  • a staff breakfast is required

    This week we discovered a great new coffee spot in the centre of Nottingham that could just turn into our favourite stop offs in the city. 200 Continue reading

  • it’s all a learning curve

    It’s one of our favourites parts of the job, a time where we can experiment with ideas and techniques to try and convey a look or feeling within our photographs and lookbooks.ps1 Continue reading

  • we lost it under a pile of samples

    Jocks & Nerds volume 12 has been in circulation for a while now, and we have been meaning to write about it at HQ for some time, but we lost it under a pile of samples, which caused the delay in this being posted.JN-1 Continue reading

  • and even dogs

    Last Friday saw a new exhibition take up residence at the Nottingham Contemporary. Some of UWHQ headed down over the course of the weekend to check out the works from Raphael Hefti and Agnieszka Polska and we liked what we saw.NC-5

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  • fiddle playing with hardcore techno

    Anyone who has seen Danny MacAskill’s spectacular new mini film cannot have failed to be impressed with the haunting soundtrack that accompanies Danny’s death defying exploits on the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye.

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  • easily lose hours of your day

    Universal Works has featured within the pages of Contemporary Menswear: A Global Guide to Independent Men’s Fashion, by Steven Vogel, Nicholas Schonberger and Calum Gordon.CM1
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  • enough polystyrene to make a house

    This weekend some of UW found themselves in Covent Garden in the west of London on a surprisingly sunny Saturday afternoon.CG1

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  • It’s all some pretty impressive and scary stuff

    Every so often an email goes round the office of a video, or photography set that looks amazing, is awe inspiring, or mind-boggling. This latest video from Danny Macaskill is all of the above and we think it’s just brilliant.danny macaskill film still Continue reading

  • petrol mixed with fried donuts

    One of our favourite times of the year and an event that fills so many with fond memories of excitement and overindulgence in the form of fast rides, bright lights, mushy peas and mint sauce.GF4 Continue reading

  • Treat yourself to a trim

    We love our neighbours here at Berwick Street, so it’s always nice when there is a new face on the block, and that new freshly shaved sweet smelling face is the one of Ted’s Grooming Room.ted opening 3 Continue reading

  • Pleasant surprise

    A stylist for a film project she was working on with Hong Khaou approached us a while ago wanting to use some Universal Works pieces.lilting2 Continue reading

  • Interesting, Inevitable

    Last week on Wednesday my close friend sent me a screenshot from her phone, with the caption interesting/inevitable.instagram

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  • City Break

    On some recent down time, one of our team took a short break in the city of Bilbao to watch the penultimate stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

    Bilbao 2

    As they were in the area, it only seemed right to pop in and see Trimmer our new stockist.  Sofia and Francesco opened the doors to their beautiful new store / cafe just three days before our visit, the store has a nice mix of clothing and accessories from some great brands as well as flowers, coffee, tapas and of course beer (thanks for the drink Sofia).

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  • Universal Works X Lyle & Scott AW14

    You may have heard last year that Lyle & Scott approached us here at UW to design a capsule collection as part of their 140th anniversary celebrations.

    LYLE 1 Continue reading

  • Everything comes to an end

    Living in close proximity to where I work I see the same buildings and people on my travel to and from work,  on my lunch break et cetera.DB5

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  • Twice shy and all that

    Last week I travelled down to Berwick Street for the second instalment of BAND, our event held in collaboration with Yard Life, this time with Thank Pablo providing the auditory delights for the evening.yl1 Continue reading

  • Walking through the ‘nothing to declare’ part of customs with a guilty look

    Not wanting to be a scaremonger but, with this whole Scottish independence thing just around the corner, has anyone actually thought that some things might never be the same for any of us again?tunnocks Continue reading

  • LE FIX SS15

    Our stockist and great friends LE FIX threw an amazing party and premiered their new video lookbook at Copenhagen Fashion Week last month.lefix2
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  • City of Colours

    Last weekend, some of UWHQ headed to Digbeth, Birmingham for the City of Colours festival that brought together over a 100 street artists.city of colours 3 Continue reading

  • Dusting off the storyboard

    Here at UW can be inclined to shoot the odd email around the office of things that we think are creative, inspiring and genius!Cos film still

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  • A Monumental Implosion

    The office has been a little busy of late leading to a delay in this being written, but last month a few of UWHQ went to Broadway to see All this Mayhem.pappas skateboards Continue reading

  • Just maybe, I could have been wrong all along

    On my first introduction to Ingram’s Review, it was described to me as, “the Monocle of the East Midlands”  both a hefty and intriguing accolade to live up to.

    ingrams review cover
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  • Soho’s Finest: On Your Bike

    Whether it’s running back and forth between the stores on Berwick and Lambs Conduit, or heading out of the City for the weekend ride, we here at UW are partial to a bit of time with the two-wheeled mistress. So with that in mind, Rapha Cycle Club on Brewer Street is an on-point cycling lifestyle brand and a firm favourite with us.

    rapha map

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  • implications of context over content

    As I was walking past David’s desk last week, my eyes were caught by a striking publication sat atop a pile of paperwork. I like looking our for the latest magazines and journals on his desk as there is normally a treat to be had, but the image on the cover of GUP (guide to unique photography) was outstanding to say the least.

    Jackie Nickerson Cover Continue reading

  • Talent on Your Doorstep

    In recent months UWHQ has been starting to create more moving image content that we are really excited about and hopefully you are too. Though creating more video is great, there have been a few aspects that we are still getting to grips with, including the difficult task of finding suitable soundtracks.

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  • Last night I shaved my head

    Any independent publication whose editors welcome starts with, “Last night I shaved my head.” is going to be a firm favourite with me… Bought from Nottingham’s independent publication treasure trove Ideas on Paper, TUSK Journal is an A5 publication that champions the independent creative scene (and mentality) of Manchester and Liverpool.tusk cover Continue reading

  • True to form, I left my timing a little fine

    Last week I had the pleasure of heading down to London to help out with BAND, our event held in collaboration with Yard Life, a really cool festival whose proceeds go to MS research. For the event we wanted to offer a thank you to our customers and Invite them to an intimate gig with the really exciting young band BAMBI.

    Bambi set up

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  • Bloomsbury’s Finest: KnockBox Coffee

    So as if I didn’t consume enough of the black stuff on a daily bases already, we now have a new neighbour here on lambs Conduit Street.

    Knockbox Coffee is a small coffee shop specialising in premium coffee and sandwiches. So a very warm welcome to Mete and his team. Keep the coffee hot and the milk frothy!! (I bet I’m not allowed to say hot in Barista world)

    Anyway best to you, and again (a belated) welcome to the street.

    journal knockbox

  • Meaty Treats

    Now we know it seems we are devoting a lot of time to savoury snacks on social media at the moment, but when things get a little hectic in the office there’s nothing better than a solid pork pie and a cup of tea to get your head back in the right place. So we thought, we’d just share a couple of the beautiful British treats we’ve ate recently up at UWHQ…Eley's of Ironbridge porkpie

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  • Introducing Re-Works Over Dye Garments


    reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.rework

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  • UW outfits 2+3: Same same but different

    UWHQ is really busy right now with the new collection being sent out to stores and also getting it ready for our own website! The fast pace has meant that we have been a little slack on a few things, and the new feature of staff outfits has been one of them, so we’re going to treat you lucky people with two picks at once!jamie staff pick

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  • This amazing DJ that was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see

    Arriving at my desk in the office on Monday morning I was greeted by fottpaper 4, the fourth instalment of Russian retailer, and our good friends fott‘s in-house magazine.fott paper 1

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  • Fiorucci made me hardcore

    You may have recently seen our S15 preview over on Selectism. To preview the collection we executed an experimental photo-shoot, using geometric shapes, shadows and highlights to play with ideas of perspective; creating a backdrop that simultaneously compliments and challenges the styling of the shoot. Reading over the write up Selectism wrote, it dawned on me that the concept of the shoot and the copy written for the collection drew similarities to a pieces of video art, by acclaimed artist Mark Leckey.

    s15 fiuorucci Continue reading

  • the nanny who doubled as an illustrious shutterbug

    This week some of UWHQ headed to our local independent cinema Broadway to see Finding Vivian Maier, a film by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel.


    Continue reading

  • Find what you love, and let it kill you

    Not much of an introduction needed for this one, but if you have a half an hour spare we thoroughly recommend that you give this short film a watch. The aura of Magnus Walker (the subject of the documentary) has an air of Mickey Rourke’s rendition of Charles Bukowski (more outsider genius and less alcoholic weirdo!)  in Schroeder’s 1987 film Barfly, which is kind of fitting as the phrase, “find what you love, and let it kill you” springs to mind…

  • Trent University

    I do sometimes see my hometown of Nottingham through a slightly rose coloured gaze. But hey I’m sure that most people see the place where they grew up like that.

    journal trent

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  • a curated mix of design and upcycle

    During the bi-yearly period of tradeshow circuits, some of the Universal Works team head around the world to showcase our collection to prospective and returning buyers…michelberger hotel 1

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  • Soho’s Finest: The only walking there is to do here is from Tee to Bar

    As I recall, it was Mark Twain who once said that golf was a good walk spoiled.Well Mr Twain, fear not! The only walking there is to do here is from Tee to Bar…Ladies and Gentlemen, Urban golf is here.

     urban golf bar

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  • putting things together

    Sometimes we here at UW like to stand back and give props to someone or something that we think is great…putter still Continue reading

  • hedonistic weekend activities of years gone by

    Another Monday morning, another nice surprise waiting on my desk…proper 15 cover Continue reading

  • UW Outfits 01: Not Another Outfit Grid

    Sometimes someone does a thing, and sometimes people like that thing, and sometimes those people copy the thing, and before you know it the thing has become a THING….

    UW outfit 01: Tom Continue reading

  • Style History Culture

    Jocks and Nerds eleventh instalment is in circulation and let us tell you, this one is right up our street!Jocks & Nerds cover

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  • Smells so good that I very nearly tried to eat it

    The Daimon Barber Hair Pomade No 1 came into UWHQ a few weeks back and I thought it would be rude to not get myself a pot and try it out.

    journal pomade 2

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  • L’Eroica Britannia

    This weekend saw the first L’Eroica Britannia. A three day Cycle and vintage lifestyle festival in Bakewell, Peak District National Park.journal bakewell 4

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  • Berwick Street: A Week of Outfits

    You may have noticed recently on our Instagram account, that Berwick Street have been creating looks by pairing garments with pictures that you can find hanging inside the store. To give you a little more insight into the thinking behind the work of our guys a berwick street we’ve done a quick roundup of their week of outfits!journal rock climbing

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  • Bloomsbury’s Finest: Condor Cycles

    Being based in what has recently been re-branded as midtown? Let’s call it Bloomsbury, we are very lucky to have some fantastic things right on our doorstep to look at and be inspired by. This is for me encapsulated in one of the must visit stores in the area. Condor Cycles.

    journal condor cycles


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  • Pica~Post

    It’s the Seventh instalment of our favourite zine, Pica~Post. Brought to you by the great people over at Oi Polloi this issue is called Real Tennis, Real Jackets and the Real Marathon Man and for our money is the best one yet…

    book cover

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  • What goes around, comes around

    I love the fact that what you give out in this world, you generally get back, whether it be at that point in time, or a certain time in the future. What goes around, as they say, defiantly comes around. So as someone once told me, it’s always pays to be nice to people on the way up because you tend to meet them on the way back down again

    journal quantic gig 2 new

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  • World Cup Countdown: Goal Machine

    There are only a few players that truly deserve the title of goal machine but this is one that stands out to me

    journal goal machine


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  • How did Lego get so big?

    First established by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932 LEGO began as a small toy workshop, in Denmark, creating wooden blocks, dolls, and pull-along toys. The name LEGO is a mixture of the Danish LEg GOdt meaning, “play well”

    journal lego


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  • Number 10

    The number 10 is  a legendary number in the football world. It is the number usually worn by the playmaker or star of the team. Probably the first and still possibly the greatest of these was Pele

    journal new pele

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  • Soho’s Finest: Morning Nectar

    It’s not that we NEED a Coffee to make us remember what day it is, but it helps. So if you’re going sip on this exotic everyday commodity, why not make sure it’s the best.

    tap exterior jorunal

    Continue reading

  • ΕΡΓΛ: Now Open on Sundays


    /ˈleɪbə/ noun

    1.work, especially physical work.

    2.A repetitive, satisfying series of actions and a means to an end

    lucas-spin-journal   Continue reading

  • Studio Inspiration: The Perfect store

    Instead of doing what I should be in the office I had another root through David’s library, whilst also disturbing David from doing what he should be doing

     truck nest  cover

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  • British Craft Beer Challenge

    Here at Universal works we like to work hard and then go out and enjoy ourselves with a nice pint or two down at our local.Well something is stirring down at the bar in the form of a beery battle. Yes it’s the first round of the British craft beer challenge.

     craft beer challenge poster

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  • workshop Denim: Part 2

    Following the success of our workshop denim release we decided to team back up with Allan Buxton to create a second stop motion video

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  • BLoomsbury’s Finest: Lambs Conduit

    So as the Universal Works man in the South and based here in our Lambs Conduit Street Shop in Bloomsbury London, I thought that it would be a nice idea to get out and about and try to give you a picture of what the street is like and it’s surrounding areas

    The Lamb pub


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  • JNC visit to UWHQ

    UWHQ recently had a visit from a German magazine J’N’C. The magazine first published in 2009 and has ever since been mixing fashion, travel and culture with a distinctly European feel.

    journal jnc 1

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  • Studio Inspiration: Climbers and surfers doing their thing and generally looking rad

    One of my favourite things about working in head office is chatting with David about his design inspirations for the collections and to go through his studio library, which is full of beautiful and interesting imagery that is used for inspiration and reference.

    journal climbing book cover


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  • World Cup Countdown: The Wonder Goal

    Well this has to be the moment of Scotland’s greatest World Cup triumph. It came against a strong Dutch side in the 78 Finals. So let’s paint the picture for you all at home.

    Archie Gemmill

    Continue reading

  • Lots of beer and nearly missing the flight home

    Last weekend one of UWHQ had the pleasure of flying out to Berlin, to help a friend shoot a look book for her upcoming collection. The trip was short, but sweet, with one day scouting locations, two full days filming and one day to relax.

    berlin architecture


    Photo taken on location of lookbook shoot

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  • Typically Danish Style

    Sometimes it’s just really nice to see things done well. Whilst away in Berlin I was doing a spot of shopping at Soto and came across a pair of the Han Timeless clip-on Sunglasses.

    journal han timeless


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  • Looks like an elephant

    One of the great things about living in London is the diverse nature of cultural things that you can explore on a daily basis if you so wish too. Now normally for me a trip to the theatre is about being entertained rather than anything particularly thought provoking, but that all changed when I went to see a play called ‘Banksy: The room in the Elephant.’

    bansky journal

    Continue reading

  • Heavy Hip Hop

    A couple of weeks back some of UWHQ attended a one off screening, presented by Mimm and Broadway Nottingham, of Stones Throw Records: Our vinyl Weighs a Ton.

    l our vinyl weighs a ton

    Continue reading

  • You’ll miss it when its gone

    There are some wonderful things all around us that we just walk on by without giving it our full attention. The, you find that one day that thing isn’t there anymore and there’s just a building site in its place and you struggle to remember what used to fill that space in the first place.

    Continue reading

  • A tribute to Bob Hoskin

    Bob Hoskins was the cornerstone of British cinema. So as the industry comes together to pay a tribute to the great man I wanted to bring you back to what I think was one of his best roles…

    Continue reading

  • romantic, gladiatorial, fearless

    It say’s a lot about the man in question that when they came to erect a memorial to this great F1 driver at the spot where he passed away it wasn’t an image of him in triumph but one of him in reflection.

    Today marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of Ayrton Senna a romantic , gladiatorial, fearless F1 driver. The one man who set the standard for today’s drivers and beyond.

    journal senna

    Image courtesy of Lorenzo

  • Little late for an introduction

    We know this post is a little late as we have been selling the industry of all nations‘ kenyata sneakers for a while now, but we felt at HQ that these little beauties needed a bit of an introduction.

    kenyatas four colours

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  • world cup countdown: 78

    It’s funny how there are certain things that just stick in your mind from childhood. Well one of the overriding memories for me was the ticker tape celebrations on the night of the 25th June 1978, when Daniel Passarella fulfilled the dreams of a nation and hoisted the World Cup above his head in front of a crowd of 80,000 fans in Buenos Aires’ Monumental Stadium. I’ll be honest I don’t remember a great deal more about that world cup but that image will always live long in my mind and evoke memories of why I first fell in love with the beautiful game.

    journal world cup countdown 78















    image via

  • A day in the life of a ‘sneakerhead’

    Last weekend some of UWHQ headed over to Birmingham to check out sneaks and peaks

     sneaks and peaks trainers

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  • Soho’s Finest: Clean as a whistle

    Follow your nose down Berwick street towards the corner of Lexington and Beak street for this little gem…

    Aesop interior journal

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  • A lesson in commitment

    Japanese made, 100% organic cotton tees. Sounds good doesn’t it…and these are. Available now online and in store Fil Melange are all about quality.


    fil melange journal post 1

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  • Creative Flow + Beer = Sloppy Filmmaking

    Last month it dawned on us that we had made some denim garments that are really special, and we wanted to make some noise about it. Instead of going down standard conventions of look-books and press releases, we wanted to create something that was a little different.



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  • Soho’s Finest

    As you know, Universal Works set up our second store right in the heart of the Soho on Berwick Street last August. As with any new place it takes a while to sniff out where the best flat white is to get you through the first meeting of the day, or where to trim your mop before that date you’ve got lined up. You might also be wondering what bar, pub or secret cocktail clubs you are taking said lucky date to… well fear not friend, Universal Works has got your back! Stick with us and before long you will know Soho like the back of your hand.

    feet on map journal

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  • Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton

    Here at UWHQ we’ve been trying out a bit more moving image lately. You might have noticed our stop motion video “are your jeans handmade?” So when the Universal Works X John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton arrived in HQ we thought that we really needed to make a short video to show off how good these garments are.

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  • Introducing Workshop Denim

    To celebrate the Launch of Workshop Denim we have created a short film in collaboration with the talented Allan Buxton, titled “Are Your Jeans Handmade?”

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  • The Perfect Fit


    Some things in life, well…. they just fit don’t they.

    You know how you tend to just come across things that go together effortlessly. Maybe it’s a bit like that old adage that owners start to look like their dogs after a while? I don’t know!!

    Anyway being based in London I get to travel back up to Nottingham on a monthly basis to visit the guys at Universal Works HQ, and to be honest I’ve never really thought too much about the building where the office has been based for the last few years.

    Continue reading

  • A new hat

    lock & Co copy

    I have been thinking for a while now that it would be nice to get myself a hat. Not a baseball cap, not even a baker’s boy cap, but a real gentleman’s hat. I don’t know maybe it’s an age thing? Or maybe it’s a confidence thing or maybe it’s a confidence thing that comes with age!! Anyway I thought the time has now come to buy myself a hat. So off I went. Continue reading

  • Veras Q&A with David


    Veras recently interviewed David for a quick Q&A and here are the results:

    Veras was founded in the mountains of Spain in 2010 and is the brainchild of Neil Morris who works with local factories developing and producing a line of shoes which is named after a local village. This small independent company has since gone from strength to strength and can now be found in premium stores around the globe.

    What did you have for breakfast?

    I had scrambled eggs with bacon and a lot of coffee

    What’s good about your hometown?

    I’m from near Birmingham but I live in Nottingham, so I guess Nottingham is where I call home. For me the best thing in the city is that I have a great bunch of close friends here, that’s why I am here really, but as a city I love the Contemporary Art Gallery.  It is a great modern space and one of the best small galleries in the country, my other favourite place is the great independent cinema, the Broadway. Oh and it’s a great city for runners, some great routes around the city.

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  • Also available in navy!

    new-Millican-Navy copy

    So we have added to our bag range collaboration with Millican. We have a new style, George the Crew Bag and a new colour for three of our bags, navy.

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  • New shoes online and in store



    Let us introduce you to the first ever Universal Works shoe. Yes we have done collaborations before, but this is us going it alone.

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  • Fott Features Universal Works

    Fott Journal

    Our good friends and loyal stockist Fott, Russia’s premier fashion retailer have put together this shoot featuring UW‘s Autumn/Winter 13 collection.

    So we thought we would share it with you, click here to see more.

    Thanks to the guys at Fott, we love it. Good beard too.



    Boncoura new

    So what is the best pair of jeans in the world? I guess for most of us it’s the one that fits us the best; fits our style the best and the one we have worn in long enough, to feel like an old friend.

    Here at UW,  before we launch our own, made in England denim, we have a few favourites. We continue to sell our favourite pair of Levis, an old style 501, a beauty for sure. We also sell what some in Japan would say are the best jean in the world!

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  • Universal Works X Le Fix


    There can be no better reason to collaborate with another brand than the fact that you have a mutual admiration and friendship.  Le Fix is both a store based in Copenhagen and a Street wear brand, one of the best in Denmark.

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  • Goods by Goodhood x Universal Works

    Goodhood X UW Windcheater

    The great and super cool Goodhood store has recently celebrated their 6 year anniversary, having been one of the fashion pioneers in the Hoxton area of London.  Why not kick off your shoes and celebrate the great style and street wear that they have given us over the last few years.

    Kyle and Jo stock some great collections and brands and have done some fine collaboration work recently for their GOODS project  and, to celebrate our 4 year’s of working together we were delighted to team up with them, making a version of our Windcheater Jacket.  We see it as an updated James Dean style short bomber with a great fit which Kyle and Jo loved too.  The polka dot print was added from Goodhood’s original artwork and we finished it in a white print on a washed black cotton twill fabric.

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  • UW13 Inspiration


    Team UW visting Harris


    The Outer Hebrides, a 130 mile archipelago of 119 islands, sit marooned in the Atlantic ocean off the North West coast of Scotland. They are the home of some of the most content people in the UK (according to a recent survey), some of the best beaches in the world and of course Harris Tweed, a fabric we are very fond of here at UW.

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  • Berwick’s official opening

    Berwick Street Opening

    Last night saw the official opening of our second store in Berwick Street, Soho. It was also a chance to show off our collaboration with John Smedley and play the film short (see here).

    Team UW really enjoyed the evening which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our great staff, our PR team Cube Company and all the great guests that helped us celebrate.

    We love an excuse to have a beer and catch up with friends, Thanks for all the support guys.

    More Images can be found here


  • Universal Works x John Smedley film short

    As part of our collaboration with John Smedley, we spent some time at their factory in the Peak District National Park to shoot this short film.

    A place steeped in history where you can also find the most up to date and modern knitting machinery used today.

    We think the film shows the heritage and contemporary vision of both companies.

    Universal Works & John Smedley from Liam Saint-Pierre on Vimeo.


  • Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series


    redbull cliff 1

     Image courtesy of Martyn Daykin

    At UWHQ we firmly believe in trying to find a good balance between work, rest and play.  With that in mind some of Team UW headed to Wales for a long weekend with the aim to take in the Red Bull Cliff diving World Series.

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  • 40 Berwick Street Store


    In our quest for world domination We have recently opened our second London shop. Following the success of our first venture into retail on Lambs Conduit Street, we have taken the plunge again with a shiny new store on Berwick Street in Soho.

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  • A night in the Kiosk


    In an effort to foster some team bonding, well that was the excuse, the UWHQ team had a night out recently.  The venue for the “exercise” was the Kiosk in Sherwood, Nottingham.

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  • So what’s in a name — Bakers Jacket

    Nick bakers Ad

    November 2008, I was working on the launch of the first UW menswear collection; I had 25 years worth of ideas;  had worked with some of the best names in UK mens fashion, but never on my own terms or on my own collection; now was my chance to hit the menswear world with my own creations.

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  • Copenhagen Summers

    Copenhagen in the summer is truly a magical city. After a long winter and chilly spring, the city really comes to life with people spending as much time as humanly possible outside, be it by the harbour, in a park or by the beach. This year we’re basking not only in particularly hot and sunny weather but also in the glory of being number one in the Monocle Most Liveable City in the world survey for the second time so it really is a good time to visit.
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  • London Collections: Men



    Also Available in Navy

    Last week we showed for the first time at London Collections: Men presenting a capsule collection with a distinctive twist. We decided to turn people’s expectation of Universal Works on its head and produce an entirely pink collection. Looking forward to summer we are celebrating bravery and optimism by presenting this rebellious mix between the traditional and the innovative.

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  • London Collections: Men

    We’re presenting our  Universal Works Spring Summer 14 collection this weekend at London Collections:Men from Sunday till Tuesday.

    Here’s David applying the finishing touches to our exhibition stand ready to go to the show. I wonder if karl lagerfeld will be spraying his own stand this weekend?

    Come to think of it I wonder if David will be wearing a tiny collared shirt with a teenie weenie little tie?


  • Weavers Door

    Whilst in Liverpool last month David and Stephanie popped into our stockist, Weavers Door.

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  • 20:50

    If you are in or around London anytime soon and haven’t seen Richard Wilson’s 1987 piece titled 20:50 then may we suggest a visit to the Saatchi Gallery.

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  • Brazil vs England

    As a kid, when I was not outside playing football, I would be inside on the kitchen table, playing Subbuteo with my brother and my mate.

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  • The Milk Race

    The Milk Race returned on Sunday the 26th for the first time in 20 years and was held in our fair city of Nottingham.

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  • Feasting on Fashion

    Feasting on Fashion for Schön! from Dionne Loftus on Vimeo.

    A short film Featuring our pink Syke shirt In gingham spot, Commissioned by Schon magazine.  Nice film and a great track by the Fall (Eat Yourself Fitter) to go with it.


  • “Classic Dog Moments”

    The guys from Togs and Clogs have teamed up with creative practice Lazerian to produce their SS13 lookbook entilted ‘Classic Dog Moments’

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  • The BSMC Event London

    Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is all about celebrating motorcycle custom builds, art, photography, design and culture. A place for builders, riders, bloggers, followers and aficionados to congregate and share in their passion for custom bikes through a dedicated website, meets and events.

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  • SS13 T-Shirt Prints

    Click here to check out our SS13 Printed Tee’s.



  • Universal Works x J Shoes Collaboration

    We wanted to make a good looking shoe with great comfort and fit.  The Harry is our homage to the dessert boot in suede and Tom is a simple sneaker in leather.  Both shoes have a crepe sole and the foot bed is more anatomically shaped for greater fit and comfort.

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  • Yayoi Kusama

    The Yayoi Tee and shirts are a favourite of ours here at UWHQ. And since the weather is slowly improving we thought it would be fitting to share the story of the print.

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  • Loop Wheel Update

    Sam Pearce from Jelly Products Ltd, popped in to UWHQ for a cuppa and to show us his amazing new Loop Wheels.

    Sam has successfully achieved his Kickstarter goal for his new invention of the Loop Wheel but you still have time to pledge and there are some great rewards too.

    The UW team were very excited to see the loop wheel in person and after a chat and a wizz round the studio, we certainly weren’t disappointed.

    Thanks Sam for coming in and talking to us and good luck for the furture.



  • The Loop Wheel

    Nottingham is well known for many things, Robin Hood, mushy peas and mint sauce, Brian Clough and now the re-invention of the wheel?

    The Loop Wheel is the brain child of Sam Pearce of Jelly products from Nottingham and you can find out more on his Kickstarter Project here.

    We think this product is simply inspiring and have backed Sam, maybe you could too!


  • Universal Works x Millican – Spring 2013

    SS/13 Universal Works x Millican Collaboration from Millican on Vimeo.

    Our very good friends Jorrit, Nicky and Rob from Millican have put together a short film and interview with David. The film was made for the launch of the SS13 capsule collection.

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  • kapok SS13

    Kapok our friends from Hong Kong have beautifully put together their lookbook for SS13.

    The lookbook entitled ‘the origami wildlife’ features a good array of brands and showcases the UW Strapping Cardigan and the City Jacket.



  • London Silver Vaults

    It’s not that often you discover something amazing that is situated right on your doorstep that you had absolutely no idea was there.

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    Here are our top six LIKE CLUB picks.

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  • Pastel De Nata

    We love it when DK travels to portugal because he brings the UW team these little jewels of the pastry world and we love um!

    Nom nom nom.



  • David Wilkinson

    David Wilkinson paid us a visit today here at UWHQ, he was collecting a pair of shoes he will be wearing in his new film.

    David was sporting our twill Suit Jacket and Pant, a Tarleton sweat jacket which he personalised himself with his own buttons, topped off with a UW Scarf. We think he was looking very distinguished.

    A freind of Universal Works as well as being the founder and Chairman of Guerilla Films Limited, a production and distribution company based in London.

    Good luck with the new film David!


  • Maps

    Maps-Unique Fashion Magazine from Seoul has featured us in 2 of their latest issues. David and Steph brought back both issues after their recent trip to Korea.

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  • Six Whiting Street.

    Some people are addicted to Facebook, probably even more to Twitter. There are a small group of my mates that have a ‘liking’ for on-line betting; it’s far too easy to form the habit when the sites can be accessed so quickly on the phone. Am I any different? No, although my habit is a little different. My name is Ryan and I am addicted to men’s clothing websites.

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    So we’ve decided to throw you guys a competition to celebrate Universal Works reaching 1000 Facebook likes.

    I like to call it ……..LIKE Club!

    In order to join LIKE Club and for your chance to win £500 worth of Universal works kit from us, all you have to do is follow the LIKE Club rules below.

    1. The first rule of LIKE Club is…. you don’t talk about LIKE Club!

    2. The second rule of LIKE Club is ……. you don’t talk about LIKE Club ( Well tell your mates then we can get more likes)

    3. The third rule of LIKE Club is…. Take a photo of yourself wearing your favourite Universal Works kit.

    4. The forth rule of LIKE Club is… Email the picture to competition@universalworks.co.uk or tweet the picture to @Universal_Works and include the hashtag #universalworks

    The five entries we like most will be put to a vote for you on facebook to decide who will win! So get snapping and you could be enjoying a generous shopping spree and the chance to stock up our latest collection.

    We’ll showcase the finalists on Facebook after 15th of April 2013 and the pictures with the most likes by Friday the 26th of April 2013 will win.

  • Pop Art

    Tempting though it is to spend all your time in Copenhagen itself when you visit, it’s good to take the occasional trip out of town and explore Denmark beyond the city limits and at just 35km up the coast, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art makes a fantastic day trip.

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  • Jocks and Nerds

    The FREE quarterly style, history and culture magazine Jocks and Nerds has arrived in the Universal Works Office.

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  • Goodhood


    I have always followed Goodhood since I stepped into the store on the second or third day they opened back in 2007, intrigued by the mix of street, fashion and classics, a mix very much to my own taste.

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  • Wood

    The last few seasons have been interesting from a reps point of view- stores traditionally driven by the understated and handmade are now emblazoned with the logo’s and hype that accompanies the big sports brands. Air bubbles, torsion bars and pumps are squeezing in aside the crepe soles and hand-stitched leathers from Maine and Northampton. It’s not so much a change in direction for most but more a change in focus. It’s refreshing in many ways. The life of a rep takes you in and out of the stores on a daily basis; it’s good to see some newness. Though with newness comes new challenges and it’s how those stores and brands evolve that makes it interesting.

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  • Ride what you love, love what you ride

    Here at Universal Works we all like to think we’re a fit and healthy bunch, so since the sun has been shining off and on this week and there’s been a spring scent in the air, I only thought it was right to dust off my Long-Board and ride to work.

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  • Universal Works x Millican

    It was nice to see our good friend Jorritt from Millican bags when he popped in yesterday to do some filming with David. Here are some behind the scene images. We’ll keep you posted.

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  • If You Could Specialise In Just One Thing?

    Here at Universal Works we like to think that we know a thing or two about menswear. Now that’s not to say that we don’t know stuff about other things, but menswear is our business so we concentrate pretty much on that.

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  • Short Track Racing

    This weekend I was given the opportunity to go to a UK Short Track race meeting, 450cc flat tracker motorbikes racing around an indoor equestrian arena, who wouldn’t want to see that?

    Flat track racing is fairly new to the UK but it can trace its roots back to the early 20th century in the US, ShorttrackUK imported the sport to the UK and held it’s first meet in 2005 with just 18 enthusiastic riders. There are now over 150 Short Track ACU License Holders with up to 80 riders per meet competing.

    Saturday saw the launch of the 2013 season for ShorttrackUK at Arena UK in Allington, near Grantham in Lincolshire. The meet was spilt into two sessions, I went to the second event, the International Short Track arena Championships for individuals from all over Europe from different motorcycle disciplines. The evening consisted of three main rounds, semis and finals and the main event grand final, there were 24 Flat Track and 18 Mini Bike riders competing.

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  • A Peak District Day

    A hike on a Sunday with friends out in the Peak District (in the snow, yes snow and nearly in March!) is always a treat.  It’s a busy time for us right now, so it was a rare but needed break from 9-5.

    We picked a route near the villages of Hartington and Alstonfields, around beautiful deserted hills in one of the most visited national parks in the world.  The attraction of the Peak District dates back to the beginning of the last century by working people in need of a place to enjoy beyond the factory.  The area is surrounded by old industrial cities of the Midlands and the North, places like Sheffield, Manchester, Stoke, Derby and Nottingham.  It meant people from these cities after a week of hard graft could get out into the hills and take in some fresh air, real fresh air, stunning hills and dales.  Many people really fought hard for us all to have the universal right to walk or run and cycle in the hills.  Today it still does not disappoint, the roads are always full of cyclists climbing mad hills in Lycra, great walking and if you seek them out one or two excellent pubs too.

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  • Ernö Goldfinger

    Who would have thought that a visit to a National Trust house could be so interesting?

    Well certainly growing up, not me.

    I can still remember the thought of spending a Saturday or Sunday walking around a national trust house with my Mum, Dad and sister as something that I really didn’t want to do.  Back then setting up Subbuteo on the hall landing carpet was much more appealing to me than wandering around some old house.

    The only saving grace back in those days was the thought that as long as I behaved myself, then I could probably talk my Dad into buying me a cider lolly from the ice cream van and letting me and my sister loose for an hour on the kids play area that generally appear in the grounds of these brick built national treasures.

    So having managed to navigate what felt like the whole of the country’s National Trust housing as a child I was slightly surprised to come across 2 Willow Road in Hampstead. Continue reading

  • Stripe Sock

    We thought we would give you a little background on our much loved Universal Works Stripe Sock.  What makes this sock a glorious thing is what the Japanese call wabi-sabi, the beauty of imperfection. These imperfections in our eyes are what makes these socks perfect.

    The Stripe Sock is knitted on old, traditional machines here in Nottingham. There are loose ends running up the back of the sock but they won’t come undone.  These traditional machines construct the stripes in a different way to modern machines, as the machine changes the stripe colour the yarn feeders have to step up a line, where the two colours meet, and cut off the yarn to feed in the next colour. This is what causes the step in the stripe and what appears to be, loose ends.  The ends are secure in the knit construction but cannot be cut closer to the sock.  The sock is then hand-finished with a linked toe.

    We love the stripe sock because they are produced in small batches, on traditional sock knitting machines, some being more than 60 years old.  We feel that this gives the sock a unique, vintage feel.

    We understand it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are a firm favourite with the UW team and we are confident that if you try any of our socks that you will love them too, in fact perfect wabi-sabi.


  • Cool Jul

    I guess it’s no surprise that Christmas in Scandinavia is a particularly chilly but attractive season. Copenhagen is currently festooned with pretty white lights and illuminated hearts, boughs of fir tree are around shop windows and doors, candles are in every window and there’s a Christmas market in every square. Admittedly, they tend to sell the same old hokey wooden rubbish as every other Christmas market in Europe but there are enough stalls selling ‘gløgg’ (a sort of mulled wine with almonds and spices) to make you forget. Add in about 20cm of snow which arrived this weekend and you have a scene right out of Hans Christian Anderson. But for the full yuletide experience, you have to go to Tivoli.

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  • UW does Christmas

    The Universal Works team decided to get together in the capital to celebrate a little Christmas cheer.

    First on the agenda was a trip to Bloomsbury Lanes for a spot of bowling. Located just off Russell Square the venue has a very authentic feel unique details within lanes and a cracking bar. The bar was made from 60-year-old bowling lane wood from the famous Lucky’s Lanes in Los Angeles.

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  • Tonic

    Tonic has been one of Universal Works stockists for some time, here is a little introduction from Phil and Maura.

    Time flies! It’s been 12 years since we set up shop here at the far end of Portobello Road hidden amongst shrift stalls, small cafes and other independent boutiques. We love our little neighbourhood, it’s nice to be part of a friendly community, we’ve made many friends here and hopefully we’ll make many more!

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  • Boston

    Straying a little further afield than my normal ‘oop North of England, last week I jumped on a plane to Boston, US of A.  The city ‘where-everybody-knows-your-name’ was just gearing up for Xmas and I’m pleased to say an absolute goldmine of good clobber.  Having spent the first few days of my trip in and out of meetings and letting my bagel breakfast settle each day it was good to stretch the old legs and have a wander about.

    With limited time and a Samuel Adams induced hangover my first port of call was Bodega.  I was aware of the store through their on-going collaboration with Saucony- I had also heard whilst in my various meetings that their store was most definitely worth the trip.  I wasn’t however told about the secret entrance.  Reminiscent of someone trying to find Bruce Wayne’s Bat Cave and looking dangerously touristy I find myself walking up and down the street with no sign of the store.  Had I listened a little more astutely during my high school Spanish classes then I may have clocked on to the clue in the name- translated from Spanish Bodega means Convenience Store.

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  • Hidden Treasure

    Lidkoeb, Vesterbrogade 72b, Copenhagen V

    Considering how much the Danes like a drink, it seems a bit strange that the biggest trend of the past couple of years has been for bars that are damned hard to find.  The Scandi speakeasies started with Rubys in an un-signposted apartment near the city centre and eventually progressed to The Union (press the buzzer at a plain black door near Nyhavn and go into the cellar).  But the latest place to get lost BEFORE you even get drunk is Lidkoeb in food-and-drink mecca, Vesterbro.  Go down a main street devoted almost entirely to retail, then go through an unmarked gateway next to a supermarket.  Follow the candles through a couple of courtyards til you get to a cute three-story old apothecary and there you are – cocktail heaven!  Owned by the same team as the original Rubys in town, the cosy bar is all vintage lighting and blonde wood (and indeed blonde customers) with plaid-clad bartenders serving up gooseberry daiquiris, pisco sours and – well to be honest, after two or three of these I really can’t remember what else was on the menu.  The frankly unpronounceable name – try Lithllkobe and you might just wing it -  is the old term for a verbal agreement between traders sealed over a glass of aquavit and after only being open a week, the bar is already heaving with locals.  See if you can find it next time you’re in town.


  • Cloth

    Cloth is one of the original Nine stores as mentioned in our first featured stockist journal entry, so please allow us to introduce them to you in their own words.

    “Cloth was established in Lurgan, N.Ireland, in October 2008, born out of the frustration at the identikit menswear shops found in the surrounding areas. We’re proud to be one of the first stockists of Universal Works opening collection back in Winter 2009 (If I remember correctly we were the 3rd shop to write a order!). Our mission was simple, to create a shop that we would want to shop in. Alongside UW we also stock some menswear favourites including Oliver Spencer, Folk, Sunspel, Our Legacy, Penfield, Alan Paine, Veras, YMC, Pointer & Il Bussetto. We’re a independent store that pride ourselves providing a friendly and relaxed shopping atmosphere.”

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  • The Spoken Word

    photo by Lynda Koolish

    As I get older I find that it becomes easier to live your life in a comfort zone and float along doing things that you have always done. So with this in mind a couple of weeks ago I went to listen to my first live spoken word gig? Not sure that gig is the right term , but let’s go with it for know. This was hosted at the British liberty with the guest speaker going by the name of Amiri Baraka.

    Now just so that we are all up to speed, let me give you a bit of background on the said Mr Baraka. Baraka was born Emmit Leroy Jones in Newark New Jersey in 1934, and after the humdrum early job years and army service, moved to Greenwich Village New York and settled down to become one of the founding members of the beat generation which included Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac.

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  • Behind the scenes

    A little look back at some images taken from behind the scenes at the making of the recent short film from Universal works x Jacket Required.

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  • Kapok FW2012 Lookbook

    The Guys over at Kapok have produced a very nice lookbook for Fall/Winter 2012.

    We are very pleased to be featured and here are the images from the lookbook.

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  • Universal Works x Millican Collaboration

    Through a shared passion for the outdoors, honest tradition and modern functionality Universal Works have teamed up with Millican in a collaboration to create four new bags.

    Jamie the holdall, Jan the daypack, David the tote and Martin the courier, in Millican tradition are all named after friends and colleagues of UW.  The first collaboration is limited to 25 Pieces per style which are available through both Millican and UW’s online stores.  We are very proud of these bags so if you’re in the market for a new one, we honestly believe if you give a Millican bag a try you will not be disappointed.

    Continue reading

  • Academy

    It’s always a treat to visit Cornwall, one of my favourite places to just, well be.

    I have memories from childhood of driving for what seemed like days to get from Birmingham to Devon and onto Cornwall for family holidays as a child, and they are fond memories too, the sun was always shining the beaches of golden sands the fish and chips fresh and tasty, mackerel fishing in a rowing boat, and some of those memories are probably actually true rather than just romantic ideals embellished through the last few decades.

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  • Books

    As a grown-up man of 30 something there is probably a good case to say that I shouldn’t even be thinking about Christmas yet.  But I am.  In-fact I am proper excited about it!!  Yes, society dictates that by now I should have grown out of it, and, for a few years I think I actually did.  But this year it is back and I’m embracing it whole heartedly.  It all started with those first few mornings when you step out the door and feel that chilling new nip in the air that prompts replacement of the anorak with something more fitting for the next few months- waxed, Ventile, Millerain??  Definitely.  Away go the deck shoes and ciao the hand stitched leathers, red laces and Vibram soles.  There is no denying that the winter wardrobe is far superior to the single layer summer.  The more I wrap up, the more Christmassy I feel.

    So, as I send off an e-mail to the boss requesting the last of my holiday entitlement to extend my Xmas week, I find my mind wandering to wrapped shiny parcels and red envelopes with the Oi Polloi Magpie on.  Everyone loves getting presents don’t they? Of course they do.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not about to start my shopping just yet, but I may start to drop of a few ‘hints’ myself.

    Now, as a bit of a nerd for all things clothing, I admittedly enjoy nothing more than a good book on the matter.  If Santa has received my list through ok this year then hopefully there will be a new ones under the tree for me to open on Xmas day (or even Xmas Eve night- If I’m allowed?!).  There are a couple of people I meet out on my travels that have proved to be a great source of reading suggestions and in the last few months they have come up trumps.  With plenty of hinting time between now and the big day I thought I would share 2 or 3 recent purchases that would provide a good few hours escape over the Xmas period;

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  • Anamorphic Logo

  • Peggs & Son

    Photo Courtesy of Adam Kola

    From time to time we will feature one of our fantastic stockists in the journal. We have made many friends along the way and we owe them a lot.

    When we launched our first collection for autumn/winter 2009 we had decided that we would consider it prudent to continue if we could successfully obtain ten stockists, well we managed nine and went for it anyway.

    Peggs & Son are one of the original nine. It is a great store and they have continued to support us by buying our brand ever since. We have quite a large collection which you may be discovering and Peggs and Son always buy a nice selection of it.

    Since 2000 Peggs & Son based on Duke Street in the seaside town of Brighton, have been offering gents of all ages the chance to stand out from the crowd.

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  • Hair and Now

    Barberen i Vognmagergade, Vognmagergade 9, Copenhagen K

    It’s fair to say that, with the likes of Erik Bloodaxe and Erik the Red, the Scandinavians were early adopters of the trophy beard but no-one could fail to have noticed the (literal) growth in facial hair amongst the fashionable males of Europe and America.  From Williamsburg to Shoreditch, via the Marais and Mitte, the streets are full of hirsute hipsters sporting everything from stubble to full-on Brian Blessed topiary.  But forget any notions of a care-free viking attitude – the new beards are trimmed, shaped and groomed to perfection and this has, in turn, lead to a resurgence of the art of barbering and a welcome return of the joy of an open-blade and warm-towel routine to many men’s lives.  Here in Copenhagen, leading this renaissance is Jonas Shiran Larsen who opened Barberen i Vognmagergade (don’t even try to pronounce it…) in premises dating back to 1936.  In this men-only environment guys queue up for their weekly beard trims and cut-throat-razor neck-shaves, maybe drinking a beer or whisky and reading a vintage comic whilst they wait.  The rat-pack atmosphere is a million miles away from the chest-waxing, eyebrow-tweaking beauty salons of the turn-of-the-century metrosexual though, to be honest, just as rooted in vanity.

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  • Save the Date

    The team behind menswear tradeshow Jacket Required have came together to embark on a journey in film. The brand plan to unveil a number of short films profiling a range of menswear figureheads on the run up to their next show, happening February 7th and 8th 2013.

    The series, entitled ”Save the Date,” debuts with a profile of David. Here is the film for your viewing.


  • The Liquor Store

    What today seems like a very long time ago, I was in the employment of one of the big 3 ‘original’ denim companies.  It wasn’t the one with the big ‘E’, nor the one with the iconic ‘W’, it was the other one- the one with the lazy ‘S’.  Anyway, it was here that I met with Phil who was to become a very good friend and now the owner of Birmingham’s newest and brilliantly-original menswear store.

    I don’t think Phil will mind me saying that the Liquor Store has been in the melting pot for some time, year’s in-fact.  In the time it’s taken Phil to meticously plan and design the Liquor Store I have actually opened (…and closed) my own store, but, that’s another story.  Having been so close to Phil over the last few years, through this period of ‘planning’ it’s been inspiring to see that despite various name changes, potential shop-fit’s and locations the concept has always remained the same- the Liquor Store is a denim mecca!  Yes,  if you were to look down the brand list the store does carry some very desirable apparel, but, how many shop-fits do you see today that dedicate the majority of wall space in-store to possibly the biggest denim wall in the UK?

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