Winter 16.

In the part of Britain where Universal Works was born, the onset of Autumn means the travelling fair comes to town to mark the end of summer and the coming of winter. As the weather starts to change it’s time to layer up; a sweater and a jacket in the evening and a coat, hat and scarf when we visit the fair.

The funfair in town creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. In our city the autumn fair is a 700-year-old tradition, something we grew up with, our childhood memories of the fair are a crazy eclectic mix of noise, smells, and lights that are heard and seen from miles around. Maybe the best part was the people, a mix of colourful characters who seemed to have a carefree even bohemian life, not without a touch of glamour and yet a tough edge. This feeling, this memory of those characters was the inspiration for a collection which is eclectic yet strong in styling; classic yet modern; dark and sophisticated colours using fabrics from luxury wools to hard-working cotton twill.

A collection inspired by tradition but contemporary in design and spirit.

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